Improving Your Skill of Writing - Five Simple Things You Skip

The current reality makes people write a lot. They prefer using text messengers instead of phone calls and still frequently like to see the written article instead of a video tutorial. What does this all mean? The skill of correct writing is something everyone should develop.
Here below, you’ll find five recommendations to help you improve your writing abilities. I used each of them myself after I got tired of asking people to write essay for me online and decided to take care of my grades myself. Tips mentioned there really worked for me, so I believe they’ll be able to make you a better writer as well.

Learn the Rules (at Last!)

Grammar, orthography, syntax, spelling, and other words you've heard but never knew their actual meaning matter a lot when it comes to writing. Even while you are chatting with a friend, it's always more pleasant to see that they spell words correctly, isn't it?
So, to write quality texts, you'll need to learn the rules of correct writing well. The best way is to deal with that issue sooner and not later. Knowing the rules, you'll get a solid foundation for your further skill improvement.

Read a Lot

Reading can be even more effective than learning the rules by heart blindly. The more you read, the richer your inner vocabulary becomes. Reading good literature means that you see how to express your thoughts correctly and understandably and how to use this or that word better.

Write a Lot

This is just critical. Becoming a good writer is a matter of practice. So, when aiming to improve your writing skill, you should devote time to practice a lot. The best option is to combine learning, reading, and writing in comfortable proportions.
By interchanging those connected activities, you’ll develop your inner feeling of a good style and know which text is bad, okay, good, or excellent. And of course, this will be the first sign of a personal manner appearing in your writing. This is nothing but great.

Find a Mentor

I mean, a mentor should not obligatory be a highly-skilled writer that you know in person. Just memorize authors whose texts you liked while reading, then try to analyze why exactly you remarked their style, and finally implement the noticed elements in your writing.
No, nobody says about copying someone else's manner entirely here, though trying to write like a favorite author is nothing bad for beginning writers. Here, I mean that you might want to try creating some "symbiotic" connection between your style and the elements taken from other people's texts.

Edit Mercilessly

That’s a trap every beginning writer usually gets into. They always try to make their first draft perfect. And they fail.
But even when they see themselves failing, the already written text seems to be likely to their baby. You can’t be merciless with your child, but you have to teach yourself how to cut that first draft without hesitation as early as possible.
To write a text is only the beginning. Writing a good text is impossible without editing. You should never forget that if you want to become a good writer.

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