Welcome to the companion history blog for the book, Beyond the Land of Gold: The Life & Times of Perry A. Burgess. The blog will include interesting facts and images relating to the Burgess story and publishing news. Perry's path in life crossed some of the most interesting characters of the American West. The Burgess family were pioneers of Missouri, Colorado, Utah and Montana, and played major roles in the early development of communities like Boulder and Steamboat Springs. Through a series of blog posts, we will profile several of Perry's early business partners found in his diaries and other writings. Look for the series Glimpses into Yampa Valley's Past by Routt County historian/story teller David Moran. CLICK on headings or 'more' to expand each entry.

Colorado Book Signing Trip w/Photographs

Monday, November 15, 2010

I thought you might be interested in a few of the photographs from our signings in Colorado the last week of October. A great crowd attended, we enjoyed ourselves and getting to meet everyone! To our surprise we met the last owner of Perry's Steamboat cabin, who vividly recalled her time living there. There was one interesting observation she spoke of. On a cold night, if you slept upstairs and filled a glass of water and placed on the night stand before bedtime, the water would be frozen and the glass broken in the morning. What difficult conditions these pioneers experienced.....actually she lived there in the 1980s and installed floor vents upon discovering this!  :) Read More