Excerpts from Perry's Writing

Excerpts from Beyond the Land of Gold

Read excerpts from some of Perry's recollection articles and diary entries.

Denver at Last

The Eventful Journey Across the Plains is Brought to a Close.

For a week the weather continued to be very pleasant. About 10 o’clock each forenoon a refreshing breeze would set in from the northwest ...

On Hahn’s Peak

The Glorious View that Can be Obtained from There.

Your new camp on Deep creek, near Willow creek, is pleasant. You have an abundance of pure water, dry firewood and green pasturage for your horses ...

June 24, 1866 Bozeman Trail Diary and Recollection

June 24, 1866 (June 24.) – Crossed the South Platte river, in company with a freight train which is bound for Salt Lake. Before starting across, were obliged to raise the boxes of our wagons 7 or 8 inches above the bolsters to keep the water from running in and damaging the freight. The river is very swift ...

August 24, 1866 Bozeman Trail Diary and Recollection

August 24, 1866 (August 24.) – Moved ten miles. Nooned at Still Water, a beautiful stream, clear as crystal and cold as ice. It is four feet in depth and 150 feet wide. Hitched up after dinner and travelled twelve miles. Camp on a high ridge near a pond where we obtained water. Weather cool and beautiful. Distance to-day 22 miles.

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